Stage Two: Reconnect & Find Closure in Recovery 

 Deepen your connection to yourself and community for sustainable recovery 


From Trainspotting to Wolf of Wall Street, the downward spiral of addiction has been heavily depicted (often glorified) across film, writing, and music. What’s much less explored is recovery. What happens when a person chooses to get help rather than take another drink? 

To us, that’s when the real story starts. 

At Westover, the moment a client shows up at our doors ready to embrace a brand new chapter in their lives is the moment that their recovery journey truly has begun. What follows is a complete overhaul: mindset shifts, counselling, 12-step programming, introspective journaling, and a gut-level look at oneself. 

It’s emotionally heavy and it’s brave to put yourself through that process of change, but after more than 30 years of doing this, we see people after treatment walk away lighter, refreshed, and healed. However, don’t drop the confetti just yet. Sobriety or substance-free living is a lifelong journey. There is no band-aid solution. Even after a treatment program, the learning, self-care principles, and courage to keep going remain as important as ever. That’s why Westover designed the Stage Two Recovery program. Reinforce, reassess, and reconnect. Keep the path and build on the hard work you’ve already put into changing your life. 

Is Stage Two right for you? Read on to learn more about this program. 


Learn to Let Go

We’re all different, but if you’ve entered a recovery program, then it’s likely you may have some personal challenges to work through. In Stage Two, we build a stronger connection from the head to the heart. It’s about deepening our connection to our own feelings, how to articulate them, and ultimately, how to let go. We’ll take a good look at topics like personal behaviour, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and how to make changes in our lives. 

Reconnect with Community

It’s easy to feel isolated in your recovery journey. From the loss of what was to major lifestyle changes, people in recovery can often feel like they are the only one in their experiences. You are not alone. Stage Two helps to reconnect you with community through group learning and time with people who know exactly what you’re going through.  

Face your Fear

For anyone in recovery, the biggest fear is not necessarily relapse, it’s the great unknown. Previously, drugs and alcohol were the old familiar. Life in sobriety is a mystery, and for many, a real fear. Relapse is a mental battle, but through Stage Two you can be refreshed on the proactive tools needed to live successfully without dependence on substances. Build your confidence and learn to keep believing in yourself. 

Reinforce what you've Learned

Every program is different, and if you’re entering Stage Two then you’re not the new kid on the block. Stage Two is for people who have already been through treatment. You’re looking for a program to reinforce what you’ve learned not to start from scratch. If you’re struggling on a daily basis to stay sober or clean than our Substance Dependence program is much a better option for you. 

Ultimately, Stage Two is for anyone looking to reinforce the principles that they first learned in treatment and have decided that “booze and drugs” are no longer an option. Find closure and thrive in your recovery journey. 

If you’d like to learn more about Westover’s Stage Two Recovery Program, please give us a call at 519-692-5110 or email us at