Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

We are located at 2 Victoria St. South, Thamesville, Ontario. This is midway between London and Windsor.

How do I get into Westover?

Please see our admissions page to learn how to get into Westover.

I don't have a car and can't get a ride. Are there other ways to get there?

Transportation to Westover and return is the responsibility of the client. There is a limited Greyhound bus service to Thamesville and VIA rail stops in Chatham. Transportation from the VIA station to Westover can be arranged with Westover volunteers. For further information contact Ron Paterson at

Can you accommodate special diets?

Please speak to admissions in advanced to discuss any special diets

Is there a dress code?

Clients must wear clothing that is appropriate to the philosophy of Westover Treatment Centre. Click here for a full dress code.

Is Westover a co-ed facility?

Yes, if admission into a single gender group is preferred please discuss with your intake counsellor prior to registration.

Are there medication restrictions?

We do have medication restrictions. Specific information will be provided during the admissions process.

How much does it cost?

Please see our Fees & Accommodations page for pricing.

What are the wait times?

Substance Use Disorder Program: approximately 4-8 weeks

Co-Dependency Program: This program is usually booked months in advance, however we do maintain a wait list for an earlier admission in the event of a cancellation. A guaranteed early admission can also be arranged on a private pay basis.

 Stage Two Recovery & Relapse Prevention Program: approximately 1-2 months

Can you smoke at Westover?

Smoking cigarettes or vaping is permitted. Westover does offer a smoking cessation program if you are interested in quitting while you are here.

Smoking of medical or recreational marijuana is NOT permitted. We do allow CBD oil. Must come in its original sealed container. Please discuss further with admissions.

Does Westover allow suboxone or methadone?

Westover accepts clients who are stable on suboxone, additional information will be required by admissions

Do you have visiting hours?

No we do not have visiting hours, but we do offer a Family Weekend Program for people 13 years and older.

Have more questions? Contact Westover today.