Help a Family Member or Friend

Thank you for considering Westover Treatment Centre. We know how difficult it is to seek help when someone you care about is struggling with substance dependence. You have just taken one of the most important steps to help your loved one. 

At Westover, we're passionate about supporting families and ensuring our clients receive quality treatment. We'll guide you and your loved one through each stage of the recovery process.

One of the best ways you can help a loved one is by sharing information. We encourage you to take a look at our resources page for shareable videos, brochures, and booklets. 

Do you struggle with co-dependence? It's an important question to ask ourselves when a loved one is facing addiction. Self-care practices, anger management, and healthy boundaries are key to enhancing your well-being. Westover is one of the only organizations in Ontario that offers a Co-Dependent program. 

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This has been an amazing experience. I feel confident in my recovery and I will take all my tools I’ve learned from Westover on my new life journey.
— 2015 Client, Co-Dependence Program

Support your loved one's journey to recovery. Call 1-800-721-3232 or contact us through the form below. 

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