Program Overview

Our substance use disorder program is strategically designed to equip individuals to live substance-free. Each phase of recovery provides tools and motivation to maintain sobriety long after you finish the program. 


This phase involves an initial interview with us to determine your specific needs. We'll also provide you with information on nearby assessment services. 


This part of the program blends cognitive behavioural models, group therapy, and the 12-step curriculum. We examine personal values and teach disciplined lifestyle habits that will be essential to your recovery success. Throughout your stay with us, we'll help you prepare a plan for a substance-free lifestyle. 


Recovery support sessions are vital for your continued healing. Sessions provide a review of what you learned at Westover and reinforce program material. Recovery support can happen in a variety of locations across Southwestern Ontario. Find Recovery Support near you. 

Our model includes: 

This has been an amazing experience. I feel confident in my recovery and I will take all the tools I’ve learned from Westover on my new life journey.
— Client, Substance Use Disorder Program

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