Program Overview

Westover considers addiction as a family disease, and family members and friends may also need support.  The program is designed to help friends and family members recover from the harmful effects of living in a substance dependent environment

Co-dependency is a condition whereby family members or close loved ones of an addicted person adapt to the dysfunction in the family by developing patterns of living, which become detrimental to them personally. These patterns of behaviour become subconscious and automatic. 

Not sure if this program is for you? Review our checklist to see if you are co-dependent.


Skills training on assertiveness, communication, defence mechanisms, and anger management. 


General Requirements

  • An individual must feel they have been affected by someone else’s alcohol and / or drug use either during their childhood or adult years.

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of admission

  • Applicants must possess a willingness to learn and change

  • Applicants in recovery from substance use disorder must be abstinent for a minimum  of one year at time of application.

Looking to come to Westover?

Step 1: Call or email the Co-Dependency program director, Pam Giles for information and a brief assessment. We will also coordinate a time for a phone interview with you.
- Pam Giles, Director of the Co-Dependency Program - 519-692-5110 ext.126,

Step 2: Once you’ve had a phone interview, a provisional date will be discussed.


Local recovery support sessions for family and friends (available across Southwestern Ontario). 


Detailed survey at the six-month mark. 

Our Model Includes:

graphic of co-dependent program model
Thank you for teaching me life-changing tools and reinforcing that I matter. I never felt alone here.
— Client, Co-Dependency Program

Looking for more information about our Co-dependency Program?
Contact Pam Giles today to learn more!